Governance Outline

Everything you need to know on governance of the organisation


AIR is an incorporated Company and complies with ASIC requirements AIR’s Constitution outlines the Organisation’s rules.

The Board of Directors comprises two office bearer positions, one Division representative appointed by each Division of the Company and one representative appointed from the National Online Member Group.

The two elected officer bearers, the President and the Deputy President are elected at an Annual General Meeting of the Company for a term of two years and shall retire by rotation.

Representatives for Divisions and the National Online Member Group are appointed at respective Annual General Meetings.

The Board delegates functions to committees and/or appoints members to undertake specific tasks.


AIR has a number of guiding documents including:


AIR’s Goals

  • Engage with and support people seeking independence in retirement
  • Advocate to ensure a fair and just economic and taxation environment
  • Provide informative discussion at forums on topics to enhance knowledge and well-being
  • Strive for recognition at all levels of Government on the issues which affect those approaching or in retirement
  • Facilitate research on matters that affect retirement planning and lifestyle options
  • Cooperate with other like-minded organisations.
  • Seek a fair outcome for those who fully or in-part fund their own retirement or plan to do so


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