2019 Federal Election Tracking

This is a collection of AIR publications, news items etc relevant to retirees.


  • 5 challenges to the Labor Party statements on Franking Credits
  • unfair and discriminates against self-funded retirees of modest means



  •  the Labor Party is seeking a real wage increase for lower-paid workers
  • but Labor Party will cut the income of self-funded retirees on similar incomes



  • the Labor Party to increase capital gains tax by 50%
  • no pensioner exemption as in imputation credits policy



  • questions the research undertaken by the Labor Party in developing a number of their policies



  •  calling on all political parties to stop changing the rules for superannuation, tax and concessions on retirement incomes
  • leads to uncertainty and anxiety for retirees


AIR_2019 Federal_Election_Priorities_v1.pdf

  • Superannuation, Retirement Savings, Tax, Health Care and Aged Care
  • 19 Recommendations and reasoning



  • submission to the Treasury containing AIR policies to be addressed in the Federal Budget
  • detailed rationale on each recommendation


A.I.R Sumission_Franking_Credit_Refund_Inquiry.pdf

  • a general explanation of how retirees would be affected in income, change of lifestyle and  psychological impacts.
  • numerous real examples of the impact on retirees


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