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AIR Active Preview

A.I.R. Active is a publication produced monthly for distribution to Members.
It contains updates on issues and advocacy initiatives currently being undertaken by A.I.R. as well as services and benefits available to members. Join Here

Below are preview of topics.

AIR ACTIVE March 2017

Included in this issue:

  • A.I.R. News
    • From the President
      • Minister for Aged Care Receptive to SFR Concerns in A.I.R. PBS
    • From the A.I.R. Board Policy and Advocacy Committee
      • Comprehensive Income Product for Retirement (CIPR) simply explained
    • Sponsors
      • A.I.R.'s Sponsorship with Scenic
        • Scenic representatives to do travel seminars in Branches
        • Members can win a $15,000 all-inclusive Luxury River Cruise through France
      • National Hearing Care - Special offers on hearing aids for members
      • Best Western - Accommodation offers
      • Avis-Budget - Rental Vehicles - 10% member discount
      • Boomer Travel Insurance - 5% discount for members
      • Hyundai - Fleet Discount for Membersl
        • Available to financial members of two years standing or those willing to pay an application fee of $100 and two years membership fees prior to provision of an A.I.R. membership number
    • Recognition of A.I.R., St George Branch and Robert Curley in Federal Parliament
    • AIA 2017 Conference – Invitation to A.I.R. Members
  • Superannuation
    • Productivity Commission Releases Draft Report on Superannuation System
  • Ageing and Aged Care Matters
    • Retirees Need to Check Aged Care Criteria

    • Release of home care packages
  • Government News
    • $115 million for more Commonwealth Home Support services across Australia
  • Health News
    • Hearing Aid Sector Put on Notice
    • Making Knee Recovery Remotely Possible
  • Financial Matters
    • Retirees renting need more than $1 million to be comfortable

AIR ACTIVE February 2017

Included in this issue:

  • A.I.R. News
    • Baby Boomer Bulletin #51
  • A.I.R. Board Policy and Advocacy Committee
    • Another significant hike of 5% in health insurance premiums is a disaster for all retirees
    • Deeming Rates Fact sheet
  • Government News
    • Advocacy in Aged Care Takes a Step Forward
    • New flexible Aged Care places help older Australians stay at home for longer
    • National Rural health Commissioner
  • Ageing and Aged Care Matters
    • Home Care Consumer Choice Begins
    • Aged Care Policy Changes
  • Financial Matters
    • Higher standards for Financial Advisers
    • Financial Literacy Annual Highlights Report
    • Effects of Expenses in Accumulation and Pension Phases of Retirement Planning
  • Health Matters
    • HealthyCover: Getting Better Value Health Insurance
    • What is My Health Record?
  • A.I.R. Sponsors
    • A.I.R. Sponsor: Hyundai, Boomer Travel Insurance,Avis-Budget -Rental Vehicles, Best Western Accommodation, National Hearing Care