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From The Board A.I.R. 2016 AGM

To: Divisions, Branches and Members

I am writing on behalf of the A.I.R. Board to update members on the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday 15 November in Melbourne.

It was pleasing to see all Branches represented in person or by proxy and thanks go to the delegates and observers who were able to attend the meeting.

The agenda was full with nine motions proposed. It was evident that most Branches had considered the motions prior to the meeting which contributed to the lively and, for the most part, good natured debate. The Board is acutely conscious that many of the motions did not succeed for technical or procedural reasons, however all members can be assured that the Board has listened carefully to the views expressed in the motions and debate. The Board will work through options that may be available to give effect to some aspects of the issues raised.

The Board strongly believes that now is the time for unity across the whole company as we work to rebuild A.I.R. – now is not the time for negativity or consideration of leaving A.I.R.

The Board acknowledges the need to plan for the future, including contingency planning. But the company remains financially sound and enjoys a good reputation with Federal and State Governments and amongst other like-minded organisations.

A.I.R., through the Policy & Advocacy Team, has been particularly active in the recent and ongoing superannuation debate around the Government’s legislative proposals, and has had some success in influencing outcomes to benefit self-funded retirees. The work of members at the local level with their Federal politicians is especially instrumental in this work and is commended.

But there is a lot of advocacy work still to be done on a national basis particularly in relation to superannuation, retirement income policy and aged care where significant change will come into effect on 1 January and 1 July 2017.

The Board will be making every effort to secure A.I.R.’s future viability, but will need the assistance of individual members, Branches and Divisions.

At the AGM the Finance Director, Rob Cleary, presented the interim audited financial statements and advised that final statements and Auditor’s Report will be circulated shortly when the outstanding information has been received and reviewed by the Auditor. This is an unfortunate situation but was unavoidable despite efforts to access the necessary information.

Bruce Lloyd was elected unopposed as National Deputy President for two years and is congratulated and thanked for continuing in this role.

Unfortunately for the second consecutive year, there was no nomination for National President which is most concerning given the overwhelming message at the AGM was that members wish to see A.I.R. continue. The Board held an emergency meeting after the AGM to consider the position given that under the Constitution A.I.R. is required to have a President. The Board is grateful that Charles O’Donnell agreed to continue in the role and fill the casual vacancy for six months while the Board seeks to identify a member willing to take on the role for a longer period.

Following the AGM, an informative and productive Open Forum was held, and again the Board will review and reflect on the matters raised and take appropriate action where possible in response.

The Board welcomes all suggestions for ensuring the continuance of the company and any assistance members may be able to give to specific areas of the Board’s work including advocacy, marketing and membership development.

Sue Hart
Executive Officer

17 November 2016


2016 Annual General Meeting –

  1. Members are advised that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Association of Independent Retirees (A.I.R.) Ltd ACN 102 164 385 will be held at the Best Western Motel, Convention Centre, 33 Ardlie Street, Attwood, (near Melbourne Airport) on Tuesday 15 November 2016.
  2. The AGM will be held from 10.30am to 1pm.  A light lunch will be served from 1pm to 2pm.
  3. An Open Forum will be held from 2pm to 4pm on the topic of - Building collaborative relationships between the A.I.R. Branches, Divisions, and the Board.
  4. Nominations for the positions of President and Deputy President, both for a period of two years, were called for with a lodgement date of 16 October, 2016.
  5. Members, Branches, Divisions are invited to notify the A.I.R. Secretariate of any motions or issues they would like included in General Business at the Annual General meeting.  Notice must reach the Secretariate by 5.00pm, Friday 30 September, 2016.
  6. The meeting agenda and papers will be sent to Delegates by 14 October 2016.

                                                                                                       Sue Hart, Executive Officer

                                                                                                                      National Secretariat


                                                       A.I.R. 2016 Annual General Meeting

Each Branch and Division is entitled to send one delegate to this meeting and Branches are urged to send a delegate if at all possible. A delegate, unable to attend, may appoint a proxy and direct that proxy how to vote on issues if the delegate so decides. Members who are not delegates are invited to attend the AGM as observers.

All delegates will be sent a package of information by 14 October 2016 with all relevant information including the Agenda for the meeting, the Minutes of the 2015 AGM, proxy form, standing orders, profiles of candidates for election and any motions and supporting statements to enable discussion at Branches prior to the AGM.

Timeline: Members are advised that the following dates are applicable to 2016 AGM:


Constitutional requirements:  
13.1 AGM must be held within five months of the end of the financial year By cob Wednesday 30 November 2016
10.1 Notice for a General Meeting must be at least 21 days (clear) By cob Monday 24 October 2016
13.2(e) AGM Business: at least 45 days’ notice must be given of any special resolutions and any other general business By cob Friday 30 September 2016
Rules & Procedures requirements:  
2.2 90 days’ notice to members of those positions which will be vacant and for which nominations are called By cob Tuesday 16 August 2016
2.3 60 days’ notice for nominations to be lodged By cob Friday 16 September 2016
2.4 30 days for the list of names of nominations received to be distributed to Divisions, Branches and delegates By cob Friday 14 October 2016
3.2 48 hours prior to the meeting for proxies to be received By cob Friday 11 November 2016


Annual Report: the 2015/16 A.I.R. Annusal Report will be made available on the A.I.R. website.  All members will be able to access a timely, cost effective and enviromently friendly online Annual Report unless they have elected to receive a printed copy.

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A.I.R. 2016 Annual General Meeting: Motion for Consideration


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Motion Proposing change to the A.I.R. Constitution (Special Resolution)

Note: The Constitution may be changed only by a Special Resolution which requires a 75% majority of those entitled to vote.

Motion must be lodged 45 days before AGM ie by 30 September 2016


Motion of General Business


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